Mitch Harvey

About me

My name is Mitchell Harvey. Currently I am a full time student, studying a Bachelor of IT at Queensland University of Technology - majoring in Computer Science. Over the past couple of years, I have acquired many different programming and web related skills and have demonstrated a natural ability, particularly in web design and building, as well as self-teaching new programming languages. My specialties include setting up websites in CMS editors such as Drupal to allow the user to have full access to update pages and content when they please. I have acquired the majority of my skills via independent study, developing skills to learn quickly and do not give up easily when problem solving. I am proud of my academic achievements over the past couple of years, of which include, but are not limited to:

  • Currently sitting on a GPA 6.312 after 4 Semesters achieving 100% for my best class
  • Obtaining an OP 7
  • Certificate III in Creative Industries (Media)
  • Receiving guaranteed entry into Griffith University's "Bachelor of Information Technology" course
  • Receiving numerous academic and media subject awards over my senior years of schooling.

Since leaving school, I have acquired experience freelancing in the web and IT support industry, independently completing various paid projects.

I have completed three weeks of voluntary, unpaid work experience, at Translink in the Online Products & Services Department where I assisted updating and maintaining of the "" website as well as assisting in the production and testing of their Latest App "My Translink".

I currently attend a monthly Drupal Meetup at Park Road, Brisbane, where I have the opportunity to network with industry experts.

Other non-academic achievements that I am proud to have obtained include:

  • Receiving my Queen Scout (Highest Award possible for youth members)
  • Receiving my Australian Scout Medallion (2015)

My Portfolio

Redland Australian Football Club


This website was not a school project, instead it was part of a 12 month Traineeship. It was over the course of this traineeship that I learnt the majority of my knowledge with website creation. This site is the home page for a local Football Club, still currently in use, featuring my first dynamic page, written in Drupal, differing from all of my other pages, due to the site being controlled by server side code. The site features a CMS login and user friendly interface (must be logged in to see) to allow multiple content editors with no required knowledge of coding. Still to this day, I manage and update the site

Vision Triathlon Club


This was a site made for Vision Triathlon Club, with the purpose of allowing the client to be able to update and manage the content independently

The Luke Harvey


This was a site made for Luke Harvey designed to act as a portfolio for potential sponsors

Bayside Off-Roaders Club


A site with the brief to keep the looks similar, but create an easier admin control panel for Club members to update without required Coding Skills

Venturer Forum

"Not Available"

This website was also not a school project. I have created this page in the effort to give back to the Scouting community. The website is the front page/information portal for all of the Venturer Scouts in Queensland. Due to the privacy settings requiring a secured site, as requested upon creation, users must be logged in and authorized to view any of the content/pages. Please note that this site has not been published publically yet therefore a reference URL cannot be provided

Canopys Edge


The provided task was to identify a website on the internet, and recreate the site to make the site more accessible. This site was designed for both mobile and desktop environments due to its liquid layout powered via jQuery.



This task involved creating a mobile "Web-App" focusing on an aspect of the school. As well as being "mobile-friendly" the site had to have some degree of interactivity. The site features a log-in system written through jQuery and local storage. The log-in was designed to be an example, not to provide any actual security.